Hopyard business planning

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Planning for a new hopyard 2: With the market information from the brewer survey and a hopyard budget, I decided to establishing a commercial crop of hops where I would be in charge of growing, processing, and marketing the crop.

Outreach events and using deep layered mulch are costly practices resulting in a ROI for a small-scale commercial hopyard beginning around the 4th growing season. Taking the time to research the market and discuss the needs of different brewers can help ensure sales into the future. The former location of the Neptune mill office, the building was once a post office.

We rented local heavy equipment and spent 3 weekends to complete the hopyard. Log in to post comments Comment with Facebook. Based on Michigan State University Extension surveys, Cascade is the most heavily-utilized variety of hop in Michigan, followed by Centennial.

Like others, we are curious to see what the new owners do with the property. For more information, visit http: Taking the time to research the market and discuss the needs of different brewers can help ensure sales into the future.

Throughout the growing season, I received weekly requests from up-and-coming hop growers to talk with them about hop growing questions. This is a family run operation with the exception of a full time dedicated volunteer which we recruit every growing season. This factor is extremely important since downy mildew management is costly and time-consuming.

All the other members of the Wisconsin Hops Exchange use conventional growing methods. In MayI hosted a Hopyard Spring Training event where I showed the 35 attendees the basics of sustainable hopyard operation while keeping the focus on Springtime hopyard activities.

When deciding on varieties, a grower should consider at least three factors: September 26, - Author: The take home message for growers is: This hop quality test showed that our chemical-free grown hops compared equally to or greater than the same variety of hops grown using conventional growing methods.

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The brewer surveys focused on marketing geared questions which revealed that there was a mass groundswell of locally-minded commercial and retail brewers who would be interested in paying a premium price for locally-grown quality hops.

June, was spent stringing the hopyard to give the hop bines structure to climb up and July was spent mowing, weeding and pruning the hop plants. Planning for a new hopyard 2: Sourcing clean plant material is crucial for success; This article was published by Michigan State University Extension.

Planning for a new hopyard 2: Sourcing clean plant material is crucial for success As the hop harvest winds down, current growers may be interested in expanding production and new growers may be.

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Last Years Brewer List. Crop Pellets. Crop Willamette’s are available, all others are sold out. Limited Availability Remains. Maine Grown Hops. Supporting New England’s Craft Brewers. We love hops. • Dale Holthusen, Business consultant, Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program: Help writing business plan and counseling for hop farming business development.

• Oscar Oswaldo Peregrina Aguilar, Oscar is a friend who helped for the growing season with all aspects of hopyard management, business marketing, event planning and helped with brewing.

began creating a business plan to get into the business. According to the American Brewer’s Association’s website, craft beer production has seen an enormous increase in market share over the past couple years.

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Hopyard business planning
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